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When you’re involved in a personal injury accident and are put into a situation you’ve never been in before, it can be very overwhelming. We will deal with the insurance company on your behalf to get your car repaired or replaced, get you access to necessary medical care, recover lost income, and get you compensation for pain and suffering from the personal injury, all with no money out of your pocket.
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Personal Injury Case Q & A
Sacramento personal injury attorney
Our Q&A section contains videos that help answer questions like:
  • Do I Have Enough Insurance?
  • Why Do I Need a Personal Injury Attorney?
  • What Should I Do After a Car Accident Involving Uninsured Motorist?
  • What Are The First 3 Things You Want To Do After An Auto Accident?
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Expertise & Services
Mr. Frederick Sette is very experienced in handling the broad range of auto accident, personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits. He is committed to provide quality legal support and counsel to his clients. He emphasizes communication and honesty throughout his representation and strives to make his clients feel comfortable by keeping them informed about the status of their cases. Mr. Sette looks out for his clients' interests and can clearly explain all options to help his clients make an informed decision regarding their legal rights.

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Personal Injury Case Reviews
Sacramento accident lawyer
-- “Words can not describe how much we appreciate the Law Office of Frederick Sette, the time and effort that is put on their clients and their cases is truly amazing without a doubt. The Dedication and promise of a good outcome is truly what a client can definitely look forward to dealing with their firm. I will Always Appreciate everything that was done for my brother and I. Thanks a million Fred and Kristine!”

-Daniel Thompson


-- Barbara Byrd's Letter

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Sacramento accident attorney

Welcome to Our Site

The Law Offices Of Frederick J. Sette
Sacramento Personal Injury Attorney

At the Law Offices of Frederick J. Sette we are committed to protecting the legal rights of injured victims in a car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident or other types of accidents throughout California. We are an experienced, aggressive and dedicated law firm working to obtain an excellent result for every client we represent. We guarantee that all our clients will receive the same personal attention, immediate answers to questions, same day return telephone calls and the high quality legal representation that they deserve.

Over the past decade, our Sacramento personal injury attorneys and Stockton personal injury attorneys have successfully handled thousands of injury and death cases in Sacramento, Stockton, Fairfield, Modesto and surrounding California cities. Our lawyers are specialized in handling a wide range of personal injury claims where our clients have suffered from car accident, road rash, broken bones, leg, knee, arm and elbow fractures, rib fractures, bruising, head injuries, back pain, neck pain, muscle strain/sprain injuries, spinal cord injuries, permanent disabling injuries and serious injuries which resulted in a fatality.

What Distinguishes Our Law Firm from Others:

From the time you first sit down with the personal injury attorney your case, regardless of the size, receives the necessary attention to both learn the true extent of all your damages and the value of those damages. Many other firms run a volume business; you are put into the system and are handled by case number. We handle your case by your name, we learn about you and what makes your personal injury or car accident case special to you and sets it apart from the ordinary run-of-the-mill claim presented hundreds of times over to the insurance adjuster on the other side. Personalizing your case is essential to you and the ultimate success of your claim. Here, your case is handled by the attorney. When you call in you will be able to talk to the attorney about your case. At other offices you will be lucky if you ever get to talk to "your attorney".

How We Successfully Handle Your Case:

Once we have determined the extent of your injuries and the damages associated with those injuries, we then assign a value to your case. This is done at the earliest stage possible so as to show the insurance carrier and the defense what their possible exposure would be at trial, in front of twelve citizens empathetic to your personal injury case. Our personal injury attorneys have been practicing civil litigation for more than 20 years and have earned the respect of insurance companies and other lawyers. We will argue aggressively and artfully to make sure you get an adequate compensation for your injuries. Our assessment for your personal injury claim is based on years of experience, and to prove the value of your case, we work with the proper experts, such as accountants, psychologist, economist, doctors, etc., to provide the evidence necessary at trial. Recognizing that it could be overwhelming for you to be involved in a lawsuit, we make sure your case will only go to trial when necessary, and our personal injury attorneys respect your decisions and look out for your interests to make sure you feel comfortable throughout our representation.

Our Accomplishments:

Our accomplishments can only be reflected by the many thanks we’ve received from clients over the years; many of whom stay in touch with our office. Common is the client who came to us because other attorneys weren't willing to make time for their case or found their personal injury case to be too time consuming. We've handled injury cases ranging from malfunctioning elevators, to persons injured by drunk drivers in car accidents or auto accidents, to patients who were mauled by their doctors and left to suffer. Other law firms like to tout the huge settlements they've received for people, ranging into the millions of dollars on just one case. We like to tout the fact that we have maximized every client's case, even though their case wasn't worth a million dollars. Over just the past five years this has added up to over six million dollars ($6,000,000.00) in recoveries on behalf of injured persons, every dollar of which was owed due to injury and the suffering associated with it.

Types of Injuries Our Law Firm Has Handled:

Our Sacramento personal injury attorneys and Stockton personal injury attorneys have successfully handled thousands of serious injury and death cases caused by auto accidents, rollovers and defective seatbelts, motorcycle, railroad and trucking/big rig accidents, bicycle accidents, boating/personal water craft accidents, dog bites/animal attacks, malfunctioning equipment, medical devices or consumer goods, product liability, premises accidents, construction accidents, insurance bad faith disputes, brain and head injuries, drunk driver accidents, uninsured/under-insured cases, unsafe premises accidents, construction site accidents, drunk driving accidents, brain and head injuries, food contamination claims, wrongful death, including death caused by automobiles, trains, boats, planes, tobacco, chemicals, construction accidents, and medical negligence cases.

Sacramento accident lawyer Sacramento auto accident lawyer
Sacramento auto accident attorney
Practice Areas

Car Accident Personal Injury
Motorcycle Accident Personal Injury
Truck Accident Personal Injury
Boating Accident Personal Injury
Bicycle Accident Personal Injury
Pedestrian Accident Personal Injury
Wrongful Death Litigation
Premises Liability Litigation
Product Liability Litigation
Dog Bite Personal Injury
Drunk Driving Accident Injury
Brain Injury / Head Injury
Insurance Bad Faith Disputes
Uninsured / Under-Insured Claims
Work Related Accident Injury

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This website is for general information only about personal injury attorneys and does not constitute a client/lawyer relationship. If you believe that you are entitled to personal injury compensation contact Frederick Sette. He is an experienced Sacramento personal injury and car accident attorney who is devoted to protecting victims of personal injury in Fairfield, Modesto, Sacramento, Stockton and surrounding California cities.

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