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Truck Accident Litigation and Sacramento Trucking & Big Rig Accident Attorney

Sacramento Accident Attorneys Consider Truck Accident Law

Sacramento Personal injury attorney at Sette Law Office knows that our region is primed for trucking accidents. Like you, our Sacramento accident attorneys live in a community surrounded by major freeways that are pipelines for commercial trucks. The sheer volume of big rigs on our freeways is cause for concern for all motorists in Sacramento .

Sacramento truck accident attorney Personal injury attorneys, however, first want to point out that most professional truck drivers exercise skill and safety on roadways around Sacramento . But accident attorneys also know that the size, weight and speeds of big rigs usually cause Sacramento car accident injuries that are severe or life threatening. In commercial truck verses car accidents, it’s the driver and passengers of the smaller vehicle who are most at risk in Sacramento .

Our personal injury attorney says that motorists should adopt safety measures to prevent a Sacramento car crash injury. Sacramento accident attorneys advise that all motorists equip their vehicles with safety equipment such as a first-aid kit, flares, a seat belt cutter and an implement to break window glass. Sacramento personal injury attorneys know that most noncommercial drivers don’t bother with these simple precautions. However, in any Sacramento car accident with injuries, tools might make a life and death difference. When a Sacramento car crash involves a commercial truck, motorists may need the leverage such tools can provide. Also on the safety list of our personal injury attorney is one device that most drivers now carry – a smart phone and its useful camera. Sacramento accident attorneys say photos and videos graphically support personal injury claims.

Preventing Serious Truck Accidents in Sacramento

Sacramento big rig accident attorney Personal injury attorney at Sette Law Office says the most important safety strategy for motorists is to drive defensively. Being aware of truck traffic, knowing and respecting the challenges that big rig drivers face in maneuvering 10 tons of metal at freeway speeds is the first step to preventing truck vs car accidents with injuries in Sacramento . Accident attorneys say that monitoring lane changes made by truckers and watching rear view and side mirrors, allows drivers to track traffic movement on freeways in Sacramento . Accident injuries happen when drivers don’t give truckers the space and time they need. But, to reiterate, Sacramento accident attorneys say it’s almost always the motorist who suffers the most severe car accident injuries. Our Sacramento personal injury attorneys believe that many tragic accidents with big rigs could be prevented if motorists took greater precautions on the roadways of Sacramento .

Accident attorneys, however, know that truck drivers have been liable for many accidents on the freeways near Sacramento . Personal injury attorneys cite incidents of fatigued truckers, intoxication and even speeding big rig drivers who have been responsible for Sacramento car accident injuries. Attorneys, however, add that these car accident injuries and deaths are the exception and not the norm. Big rig drivers receive extensive training and testing in order to be licensed to drive the freeways through Sacramento .

Car Accident Injury Attorneys Suggest Victims Help Document Scene

What useful tools our smart phones are! Our Sacramento personal injury attorney is pleased that car accident injury victims can now easily record video and photos of the Sacramento car crash scene. Evidence like this can help your Sacramento accident attorneys document evidence to be used as we advocate for compensation for car crash injuries. In addition, personal injury attorneys advise victims to record the treatment and healing processes. Of course, Sacramento accident attorneys say the other important post-car crash injury step is to immediately be examined by a doctor, even if car accident injuries may not be apparent. Our Sacramento personal injury attorney reminds people that some symptoms from car crash injuries don’t appear for many hours (sometimes days). Delay of a medical exam can make a Sacramento car accident injury claim more challenging for accident attorneys.

Sette Law Office Sacramento Accident Attorneys are Professional Legal Advocates

Sacramento car accident attorney Our Sacramento personal injury attorney hopes that your or your loved ones never experience a serious car crash injury. But if your life is disrupted because of a Sacramento car accident injury, the personal injury attorney at Sette Law Office invites you to consult with us to help you receive ample compensation for your financial losses. Our Sacramento accident attorneys have been helping the victims of car crash injuries for more than 22 years as specialists in personal injury Attorney at Sette Law Office has the experience and professional skills to support Sacramento car accident victims and to prevail against insurance companies that defend commercial trucking concerns. As your personal injury law firm, we aggressively advocate on your behalf.

Sacramento trucking personal injury attorneys are aware that trucking is a highly regulated industry. It’s common knowledge that severe injuries and deaths result in trucking accidents. Attorneys note that many trucking accidents happen on freeways around Sacramento .

  • Accident attorneys trace some crashes to drivers working under delivery deadlines that lead to speed-related accidents
  • Attorneys cite a lack of sleep as another cause for drowsy driving accidents around Sacramento .
  • Personal injury attorneys say that truckers must manage difficult ‘blind spots’ in big rigs.
  • Brake and mechanical failures can also lead to Sacramento accidents.
  • Attorneys say that unsafe loads also contribute to serious overturn accidents.
Our Sacramento Accident attorneys know that driving a commercial truck requires training and skill. But our Sacramento personal injury attorneys are also aware of the severity of trucking accidents. If you are trucker who has been injured in an accident that was not your fault, our Sacramento accident attorneys understand your challenges. Please contact our personal injury law firm so that we can help you recover from losses suffered due to your trucking accident.

Attorneys at Sette Law Office are experts in the legal issues involved in trucking accident. Our attorneys look at faulty servicing, road safety and obstructions, among other issues. Sacramento personal injury attorney at Sette Law Office can ease the burden of injuries suffered in a trucking accident. Our attorneys will help you understand legal options for receiving just compensation for your injuries.

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